Removing Linux from a Dual Boot PC (Linux+Win XP)

1. Removing Your Disto The easiest way uninstall linux is probably from a Windows XP CD. Once you boot from the CD follow the instructions until you get to the part where you see all the partitions on your hard drive. You must delete all your linux partitions. The primary partitions you’ll probably see are linux ext3, linux ext2, linux swap. You should delete all these partitions to remove your distro. 2. Fixing your Master Boot Record Most people know how to uninstall their distro. But afterwards their presented with a black screen and grub asking for input grub> or something similar to that. This is were I got totally confused when I was first starting linux. I had no idea what to do so I just re-installed my distro, which actually fixed the problem but I wanted linux totally gone. Enough about me let’s get back uninstalling linux. Boot off the Windows XP CD and after windows loads type r to get to the Recovery Console. Once you in the the Recovery Console you’ll probably be prompted to type the administrator user name and password. I ususally just put admin as the user name and nothing as the password and it usually works. But that is just my settings your might be different, but usually admin and no password works fine . Now we’re in recovery console all we have to do is type: fixmbr this command will re-write the Master Boot Record, therefore removing Grub. 3. Finished Now just type shutdown -r this will restart the computer. Remove the Windows XP CD. Now when the computer starts you should be greeted with the all familiar Windows Startup Screen.