Saving MSN display pictures, emoticons, megoos, etc:

Saving MSN display pictures, emoticons, megoos, etc:

All you have to do is this:

  • Under my computer, go to Tools | folder options | view tab – select ‘show hidden files and folders.
  • Go to:

C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Messenger\MSN SIGN IN ID

Save the 2 folders in that location.

That is it! Your MSN Display pics, emoticons, etc are saved!

If you want to restore them after a reformat, just go to the above location and drop in the 2 folders you saved into that location. Then restart MSN messenger.


4 thoughts on “Saving MSN display pictures, emoticons, megoos, etc:

  1. i quite frequently get my emoticons from other friends windows, by right clicking and then clicking the add button… is there any way to save those to my computer?? i’d like to save them to a cd


  2. What is your MSN sign in ID?
    Is that your username with the “” bit at the end, or a number or something?
    And at the start of the code… Is username referring to your MSN username, or your computer username??!
    Please clear this up. I’m wiping everything off my computer and I want to keep my dear emoticons. =(


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