PES 2009 vs FIFA 2009

This is a small comparison of the two greatest football (aka soccer) games which most gamers have been waiting for on PC, XBOX or PS3. The following video compares the 2 games for PC version, and for those who have yet to purchase the game this may be helpful. I’ve gt both games 😉 bt not yet installed PES, playing FIFA currently 😛

PS. This video has not been made by me 🙂



6 thoughts on “PES 2009 vs FIFA 2009

  1. Hi. Does anyone has other sources to download for PESMagazine ?

    I find it here, the link is in description, but I cannot find it there?

    Is real ? I asked the guy and said he had it !


  2. Hey, great games round here. I’m still handling PES 2008 but am waiting for my 2009 CD to come to be able to play online and make my player’s career. Maybe I’ll see you all around on Internet football pitches guys!


  3. i have pes pu create mo player having my can upload your face via your webcam or from a picture. li bon tone install fifa 2009 avants. besoin garde le dessert pour la fin.


  4. I dont feel ashamed to have installed FIFA 1st…coz ive been playing PES 08 for a long time now although I had FIFA 08 (resembles too much to the 07 version)…so there’s no harm in trying the FIFA 09 first (still disappointed me and am back to PES 08, didnt have the courage to install PES 09—may be some of these days will do so 🙂 )


  5. You can load your picture during player creation in become a legend. this mode existed in PES before fifa introduced “be a pro” is last year’s game. it was called “Fantasia”. This week in Charles Telfair possible, nu pu bring laptop and play that game. si to capav fer ene letour. mo pu fer toi coner.


  6. Shame on you. you installed Fifa first. Fifa on PC has ps2 gameplay with some updated graphics this time when compared to last. The PES for PC is the identical to the xbox360 version in terms of gameplay and graphics.
    PES2009 graphic engine have been optimized. I can now play on 1440×900. 16:9 Letter box on high graphics quality. on PES 2008 if I had use this resolution(never use it but used 1280×1024, did not have widescreen back then), i would have to choose medium quality graphics.


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