Brand your copy of XP

Have you used someone’s new Hewlet Packard with their OEM version of Windows XP? You’ve seen that HP has its own icon in the Start Menu, underneath Run, that goes to the Help Site. Now, you can have your icon that does anything you want (website, program, etc) and says anything you want. Basically, you are “branding” Windows XP (Home or Pro), great for if you are a computer builder and sell them, or you just want to make Windows XP your own. It involves Regedit.

1. Start up Notepad and create a new registry file, that is save with extension .reg (*.reg) and copy and paste the following into it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00











2. Edit where it says YOUR ICON HERE to a path to an icon (ex. c:\\icon.ico), it must be 24×24 pixels and in *.ico format. Use double back slash for path names.

3. Edit both places where it says YOUR TITLE HERE to what you want it to say in the Start Menu (ex. XXX’s Homepage).

4. Edit where it says YOUR FUNCTION here to what you want it to do when you click it, it can be anything… your website, a local HTML document, a program, a Windows funtion, whatever your imagination can provide (ex.

5. Save this file as brand.reg, double-click it to enter your information, and refresh Explorer (log off/on) to see it in the Start Menu!! This works in both Home and Professional (and probably 64-Bit Professional) Editions!

More tweaks and tips can be found on TweakXPΒ or related websites.


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