Modifying XP visual styles

Windows XP is still very popular among home users as well as in many business although Vista has been released, and Windows Seven is in preparation (beta already released).

Many of us are bored to see the same looks of XP (olive, silver & blue), and want to change, while some are unable to run the newer versions of Windows/other OS but would like to get the feel & look on their PC.

So here’s a few transformation packs which I’ve used in the past to beat the boredom of XP’s usual desktop 🙂

1. Vista Transformation Pack


This pack has become very popular as the years went by, since it emulates the Vista desktop environment on XP, and does not lag as Vista actually does sometimes. It works as well on Win 2003.  Download

2. Mac OSX Leopard


As its name suggests, this transformation pack brings the power of Mac OSX Leopard to your XP desktop. It’s a very elegant pack to use. Download

3. Fedora Transformation Pack


This pack will give your XP a new look, new themes, icons, wallpapers, screen savers and much more. Download

4. Flyakite OSX


This pack will transform your XP into Mac OSX, resembling the Leopard version. Download

5. Bricopack Vista Inspirat


This pack transforms your XP desktop to a Vista one just like VTP, but with some more cool features added, like Y’s Shadow + more. Download

More themes and transformation packs may be available from Google. Some common theme providers are: WinCustomize, ThemeXP, Stardock/WindowBlinds; amongst others (other sites/software are most welcomed).

Nice transformations 😉


8 thoughts on “Modifying XP visual styles

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  2. I do agree with Irfaan… For these transformation packs you will ned quite some memory space… Why not “Download” the OS themselves? 😉
    But anyway those who like to use Windows XP, can use them provided they got enough memory space available… 🙂


  3. Files like, documents, pictures, Folders, Downloads (things I downloaded). Will those get deleted if I download fedora thing?


    • No, in fact it keeps all your files, only your visual settings will change, like the colors, the folders’ look. All your files games etc will be available as usual 🙂


    • Win 7 still in testing stages, but from a first look it has vista visuals, but is supposed to run better, i.e. less memory usage & better compatibility to drivers etc.

      btw wat files are you referring to?


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