Rusty defending or over-rated players?

Manchester United has been crumbling for weeks, the defeats versus liverpool and fulham, a hard battled win versus aston villa (thrashed 5-0 versus liverpool a week before they played man utd), and now a draw at home versus porto in the champions league, although the portugese team deserved a win for the way they outplayed united.

Ferguson may take the blame on himself for playing villa on sunday instead of saturday and leaving only 48hours for most of his players to be fit again, but still the players themselves are not free from blame.

Since the liverpool match it was seen that there was a problem somewhere, and till today they are still suffering. Led by Porto last night with only 2 minutes played, and nearly conceding a 2nd goal on 5 minutes…not even one pass or cross going the right way, as O’Shea showed with a nearly missed back pass to Van Der Sar, or Carrick just walking around the pitch without succeeding to pass accurately. Porto were just playing freely, with pace and no pressing being done at all by the united players. Ronaldo seemed disinterested, he lost the ball which led to the 1st Porto goal (like on Sunday against Villa when Agbonlahor scored), and he does not even try to come back to correct his mistake…Evans as well not inspired as the ball came to him in the end but he shot directly to Rodriguez, who collected  and scored. As for the second goal by Porto, all United players were marking only one side, and left Marino free on the right, who didnt need a second invitation to score. Hulk gave the United defenders a very tough night, he may resemble the ‘Hulk’ character in the comics, but he is very quick and turned players like Vidic and Evra inside-out (may be a player for United to get in the next transfer window, along with Lisandro).

Overall, the midfield was inexistent, the defence was worst than inexistent, and only rooney in attack for most of the game means that the attack also was not there, he may have scored, but it was a gift really by alves, and he did make an assist for tevez. Ronaldo is rated as the best player in the world (MY FOOT!!!)…for the amount of money he is paid, he does 1/100th of the effort…The squad may be needs to be rejuvenated, and the youngsters should be given a run, likewise for the goalkeeper, Foster is ideally placed to takeover from van der sar.  As for scholes I would say better leave him on the bench for the second half!

Altough many think that United still have a chance to progress, but it will be an altogether different game in Portugal next week, and if they managed to score 2 on Old Trafford, on their home ground Porto will be much better, unless Ferguson manages to find a way to block the attack led by Hulk, Lisandro and Rodriguez.

4 thoughts on “Rusty defending or over-rated players?

  1. spot on. last three games, they’ve conceded 10 goals if im correct. in those three games, they failed to settle or dictate the game unless they were trailing. i think for the porto game, its abit of both – tiredness and over-rated. they think they’re invisible and think they have the right to win any game.

    ronaldo was the best player last season, but this season has been stop go for him. he needs to throw that ballon d’or throphy out and aim for the next big thing.


  2. Yes, it’s high time for the youngsters to take over… Given his incredible performance in the League Cup, Foster is a natural choice.

    & United also need to strengthen their defence & their midfield. In attack, Federico Macheda is already a star… SAF should give him more playing time.
    The problem with United is that they do not have a playmaker & a real leader which can inspire the whole team to give the best of themselves. Currently only Rooney can fulfill that role (if he learns to control his anger). He’s can read the game very well & is quite versatile.


  3. Match la ti mari joli seulement. Porto ti attaker sans complexe ek ti merite gagner … but enn grand l’ekip kapav ramen enn resultat meme kan li jouer mal 😛


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