CL Quarter Finals 1st leg round-up

8 teams left, 4 matches played in 2 days. The Champions League is slowly drawing to an end, although there are still the return legs to play as well as the 2 legs for the semis + the final in Rome.

4 English, 1 Portugese, 1 German, and 2 Spanish teams are still present.


Two matches played on Tuesday:

1. Villareal vs Arsenal:

A promising game indeed, with both teams giving their best. Senna scored in the early minutes of the game with a terrific strike from outside the box to give Villareal the lead, and in the second half, a superbly executed scissors kick by Adebayor gave Arsenal a well deserved equalizer and an advantage for the return leg next week as well.

2. Manchester United vs Porto:

Seems that Man Utd’s woes are ongoing. Led 1-0 from a 2nd minute strike by Rodriguez, United were left stranded as it could have been 2-0 on the 5 minute mark. However, a costly mistake by Alves gifted a goal to Rooney on 15 minutes. United were still slack though, and it was Porto who controlled the game. Tevez thought he had grabbed an important goal in the dying minutes, making it 2-1 in united’s favor, but Marino capitalized on another awful defending by the red devils and equalized, giving Porto an advantage for the return leg.


Again 2 matches played:

1. Barcelona vs Bayern München

Barcelona seems to be on fire in front of goals! A wonderful first half show led by Messi, Eto’o and Henry made sure the Catalans have a definite advantage for the return leg, as well as a foot in the semi-finals. Messi scored 2, and Eto’o and Henry one a-piece to beat Bayern 4-0.

2. Liverpool vs Chelsea

A surprise awaited many of us in this match. Liverpool have been winning their games lately by scoring many goals, an exception being at Fulham (1-0 only), but when Torres scored on 6 minutes, I was hoping for a complete rout like they did against Real Madrid in the previous stages, but Chelsea did not allow themselves to be bullied. Ivanovic equalized from a corner, and Liverpool seemed to be running out of ideas. The second half was more in favor of Chelsea, and again Ivanovic from a corner made it 2-1, and Drogba eventually sunk the Kops by sliding in Malouda’s cross. 3-1 the final score for Chelsea, and the return leg seems more in their favor as well.

So Chelsea & Barcelona are nearly qualified, and surprise surprise, both these teams may face each other in the semis if things remain in their advantage. Man Utd will have to battle hard in Portugal and become the first English team to win there if they want to retain their trophy and progress to the semis, while Arsenal also have to get at least a 0-0 at home to qualify, a defeat would however eliminate them, as well as a draw of 2-2 onwards.


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  1. Pou ki Liverpool kalifier, li bizin met 3 goals sans encaisse aucun … Chelsea Guss Hiddink, pas Chelsea Scolari kan Liverpool ti bat zot. Mo kroir bien ki Liverpool fini dehors la 😛


  2. 😛 Liverpool finn gagne shock … samem ki pou sonn zot ek zot pou commence gagne batter dans lezot match la 😛 Zot lekip pena “depth” pou capav tenir un long season. Guett ki Chelsea finn fer, zot finn neutralise Gerrard ek Torres … fini Liverpool nepli capav jouer.

    Ou finn guetter comment Liverpool pa ti capav fer nanier apres goal Torres. Zot finn gagne un bon batter meme ca … Hiddink ena raison, nek blok Gerrard ek Torres … fini Liverpool nepli capav faire nanier.


    • Ya Gerrard pa ti dan match, torres in sey tracé mais avek terry ek alex pa facile pu passer 😉
      match retour la pu intéréssant, en plus terry suspended, pu bizin gete chelsi so defence si kpv cope r pression


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