Man Utd march on to Rome


Last night, Manchester United booked their tickets for the much awaited Champions League finals to be played in Rome on May 27.United will try to be the first team to defend their trophy for a successive year, which no team has been able to do since the competition became the Champions League.

United had a massive task awaiting them after winning the 1st leg at Old Trafford last week by only 1-0, whilst Arsenal’s manager had promised them a hell of a night for the return leg at the Emirates Stadium. In fact Arsenal started on the upper foot, but could not cause too much trouble for the Red Devils. Sir Alex had left his two center forwards Tevez and Berbatov, costing around 60millions pounds between them, as well as Giggs and Scholes on the bench. United were playing mostly counter attacking football, and on the 8th minute, a cross from Ronaldo to Park, helped by the slip of young Gibbs(Arsenal), allowed the Korean to open the scoring. Three minutes later, a brilliant free kick from Ronaldo gave no chance to Almunia, and United were leading 3-0 on aggregate, 2-0 for the night.

Half time was 2-0 in United’s favor, and a rather curious incident happened in the stands as the second half started, where policemen with a dog were searching for a suspect packet, while some of the fans had to wait behind. United started the 2nd half by controlling the midfield, but still not playing an open attack on Arsenal. The 3rd goal of the night came from a masterful counter attack, with Ronaldo serving Park, who in turn found Rooney. The latter ran around 40 meters before passing the ball to Ronaldo, who in turn had completed a run of about 70 meters, and he finished brilliantly in the top corner, 4-0 on aggregate, and the Arsenal fans were already starting leaving.

Arsenal did not get any clear chance themselves, and it was only on the 76 minute that they scored to save their pride from a penalty which resulted from a tackle of Fletcher on Fabregas. Van Persie scored, while Fletcher saw red, which means he’ll miss the finals, such a heart-break for this utility player…To be fair it was a penalty although he did get some of the ball before Fabregas fell, but a yellow card was more appropriate instead of the red, as there was no injuries resulting from the tackle, just like when Gomes brought down Carrick in the Man Utd-Spurs match, where Gomes was only yellow carded with the penalty given.

4-1 on aggregate in United’s favor, now waiting to know who among Barcelona or Chelsea will be their opponents on 27 May as they will play for a place in the finals tonight.


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  2. Big Yaayyy for Man U, my whole family is so happy about it! Can’t really tell why. My father contaminated us all with the Man Utd Mania! hihi


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