Multiple Desktops on XP/Vista

ubuntu 8 multiple desktops

Sure all Linux users must know about this, any Linux OS (e.g. Kubuntu) you install and use allows the user to control at least 4 desktops without having to move to four different screens πŸ™‚

However with Windows, we only get a single desktop upon installation, and therefore the ability to multitask is greatly reduced.

First Multitasking: Allows the user to operate different tasks at the same time with each task granted its own resource to run.

Of course we do it usually on our single desktop (firefox, winamp, msword, live messenger, outlook… all opened at the same time sometimes), but just imagine the mess it causes on the taskbar as we open these programs 😦

So even if Windows does not integrate multiple desktops by default, microsoft has developed the software (emulators) to do this (sometimes I wonder y they did not integrate it in the OS?!). This software or emulator is part of the XP PowerToys developed by microsoft, and is called Virtual Desktop Manager, or simply Deskman πŸ˜› This allows users to control upto 4 desktops from the taskbar.

Other software are also available, like Sysinternals Desktop, VirtualWin and some others which can be found on Google. Of course they can be customized as needed, with hotkeys as well, but most of these emulators allow only 4 desktops to be created (shown below) and clicking/selecting any of the 4 windows will open that window in fullscreen mode, with the icon of the emulator of course being in the taskbar in case need to change desktop again πŸ˜€

Each of the desktops created can thus open different programs/tasks, thus reducing the cluttering of the taskbar, and allowing flexibility for multitask purposes. Should be noted that each task as mentioned previously will still have its own resource, along with that of the emulator (coz in the end its running as a task as well πŸ™‚ ).

Screenshot of Sysinternals:

sysinternals desktops2

Virtual Desktop Manager:



2 thoughts on “Multiple Desktops on XP/Vista

  1. Nice post …But i’ve got a question …Does That emulators chomp the Ram considerably….
    Coz see cuz ..i’m interested but i’m already running a dock,windowblinds and styler toolbar …let say it reaches the 50mb Ram usage …That’s the limit for me (the limit to make my Pc an Eye candy Beast).

    another question “do those appz have any conflicts with Windowsblind or any skinning appz or shell theme??”

    Cheers dude!


    • Nope no conflicts whatever with any software, but yes in terms of resources, if you open too many apps on different desktops sure you’ll have to add ram, but say you open 2 in each desktop, then ur system will still be stable and run smoothly πŸ˜€ but of course depends if the apps you are running on each desktop is a heavy resource consumer or not.


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