Microsoft Office 2010 (screenshots)

I was about to write a preview on the forthcoming Office by Microsoft, Office 2010 (a.k.a Office 14), when I came across an existing post about it on another blog (eventually found out more blogs :P), so for the time being will only add some screenshots to this post, read more on Carrotmadman6’s blog.





Note: Office 2010 not officially released, versions available for testing (Technical Preview 1 Build 14) are available via torrents or from hosting servers like Rapidshare, MediaFire etc.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2010 (screenshots)

  1. I think they ruined Office App when they went to 2007! from 2003! the 03 version was much simpler to use & navigate! whereas 07 is Well shall we say rubbish!

    i hope they learned there lesson by the 2007 version!!


  2. Ive just upgraded my machine to Win7 RC after using beta for 5 months. And I have to admit – 7 is a beast! kicks more ass than vinnie jones in a nunnery.

    But I’m not too sure about the all out interface heavy approach MS is taking with their office apps though. The new docx, xlsx, pptx, etc are twice the size of they’re previous counterparts.


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