Premier League: Transfers (1)

Only a few days after the season is over for the Premier League that the transfer market is busy once again.

First to come to the Premier League is Carlo Ancelotti, the former AC Milan manager who has signed with Chelsea on Monday, replacing Guus Hiddink. As soon as he arrived he has set his target, win the Champions League next season. Moreover, he is already actively searching for players to add to the squad, with the names of Pato, Kaka and Ribery being brought up. The prices being demanded by their respective clubs is somehow delaying their purchase, with Kaka being touted around 70million euros, Ribery more than 50 millions and Pato about 30millions. Still a long way to go before the window closes, and god knows who will join the Chelsea squad.

The most shocking transfer for the time being may be that of Gareth Barry. The former Aston Villa midfielder has just signed with Manchester City, for a deal worth 12 million pounds, with a pay check of about 100,000pounds/week :P. This same Barry was quoted last year as wanting to play Champions League football, and Liverpool were hot favorites to sign him, even this time, but it seems money does the talking these days, since City are neither in the CL nor in Europa League next season, and still got him easily.

More transfer news to come, with Tevez being linked to City as well, while Real Madrid are back on C.Ronaldo’s track, as well as Kaka’s, and Forlan to join City as well. Latest news is that manager Steve Bruce (ex-United player), has left Wigan for Sunderland…