Cristiano Ronaldo Madrid bound

Ronaldo & Paris night out

Ronaldo & Paris night out

"Bad boy ronny- out you go"

"Bad boy ronny- out you go"

It’s finally official, Cristiano Ronaldo will join Real Madrid for a sum of £80M after Sir Alex and the United board agreed on the bid by Real Madrid representatives. Sir Alex himself is on holidays in France, while Ronaldo is in LA, USA. Sir Alex earlier said that he would not sell a ‘virus’ to Madrid, but given Ronaldo’s recent attitude and behaviour, he had become more a ‘cancer’ in the team, mostly after his comments after losing the CL finals.

Ronaldo is said to be really thrilled for his dream to become true, and to celebrate the event he even had the chance to spend last night with none other than Paris Hilton in a nightclub before eventually moving to her sister’s house after the party :P… More about this story here. Lucky winker you could say!! 😀

With Ronaldo only having to pass his medical and discuss personal terms with the spanish team, the deal can already be classified as closed. Following this transfer, the American owners of United have told Sir Alex that he will have around £100M to spend in new players, and again the names of Ribery, Benzema and Valencia have started to be linked with Man United, and new names like Yaya Touré from Barcelon as well.


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  3. although the bid is accepted, the transfer is yet to be completed. and somehow, i have the feeling there’ll be a twist to this saga. i keep having this nightmare that ronaldo doesnt want to go in the end.

    i mean, he has done great things for man utd but its time to part.

    • Lol a strange nightmare that one, but it was already planned for him to leave, even fergie admits it in an interview…and according to some reports this deal was done quite a long time ago, the cash brought in by perez just boosted the deal, who would refuse £80M, we could have asked more and got it out of them thou 😀

  4. Bye bye dude remember that you did great things in your career at utd
    Welcome ribery/benzema

    Oh paris hilton …..oh she’s just so Unhot ,want to see nice girls just go on the streets of MRU ,there is loads of them …if you take time to look out for them .

    • Haha but she’s filthy rich, and ronaldo is just having a good time, may be he thinks better have her than noone for that time, until he meets the Madrid beauties 😛

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