Crisis at Old Trafford??

The English champions seem to be facing a “crisis” for the past weeks, first Ronaldo sold to R.Madrid since the sum offered was too good to be rejected, now Tevez on his way out after a loan spell of 2 years with the club, but recently refused a 5-year contract offered to him. And now he is giving the reason of his exit by stating it was the arrival of Berbatov to the team. For him, the arrival of Berbatov had made him a mere substitute to the team, and the manager just overlooked his talent. More info here. Tevez sure is a good player, but he runs more on the field rather than contribute in play-making, although he did score some important goals for the team to make United champions during his 2 years. Thank you Tevez, and good luck with any club you join, with Man City leading the chase, and Chelsea close behind to sign him.

Another issue which has kept the fans on the edge is who will replace Ronaldo in that iconic No.7 shirt. This shirt is usually reserved for those players who are given the status ‘legends‘ by the fans, Cantona has worn it, Beckham, and in a recent past Ronaldo (thou I don’t consider him a legend, unlike other fans πŸ˜› ). Some fans want Frenchman Ribery to wear it if United were to buy him, thus walking in the steps of another Frenchman Cantona, but according to his current club Bayern Munich, he is not for sale, while Zidane says Ribery must join R.Madrid, something which the latter as well wants to do, he says he doesn’t like to play in England! Benzema, another Frenchman and Lyon player is being courted by Sir Alex, but R.Madrid are in the race as well, and Benzema yet to decide if he will leave France.

For me a solution to this would be to give the No.7 to Wayne Rooney, this guy works hard on the pitch and if currently there is someone who deserves this iconic shirt its him, no doubt on that. United could also work on the young players in the reserves and bring them to the 1st team; Giggs, Scholes, Neville brothers, Butt, Beckham all came from there, so why not build a team with our own players, who know how the football is played at OT instead of spending millions on players who will not give a damn about the club, except fight for huge wages.

New kit revealed: (I already commented about this on other blogs πŸ˜€ )

Rooney with new kit

Rooney with new kit

The new kit for season 2009-2010 has been revealed this week, and if you are thinking what’s new about it, its the black V shape on the chest (pic below).

manutd-kit-09-10-01.jpg I find it rather bizarre to say the least, you can voice out your own opinions πŸ˜‰

Kits for other clubs can be seen on this website: WDKF.

Until next time, stay tuned guys and girls πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Crisis at Old Trafford??

  1. i just want to sleep til manchester united sign someone. going thru the gossip columns to read who united are chasing is just tiring. lol.

    thanks for plugs, btw.


  2. Wasn’t the new sponsor of the club supposed to be AON or something? Why is it still AIG?

    Yep, I agree the best player United have is indeed Rooney. With Ronaldo now gone, he’ll play a key role in the attack. Unless no new player comes to United, Rooney can rightfully claim the 7 shirt! πŸ˜€

    & about the young players, Zoran Tosic seems promising. πŸ™‚


    • Well AON will be the sponsor as from 2010-2011 season, for the season starting this august it will still be AIG πŸ™‚
      Tosic has some rave videos on youtube, but according to some he does not have all the qualities required, must see him in action in the EPL to know really


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