offers “kreole morisien” language support

I was so absorbed by the transfer markets in football that it is only today that I found that our local google domain, (mauritius), offers a Creole or “Kreole” version of its search engine as well, along with French and English. Yet to search since when this change has been implemented 😛

Below are the screenshots:

Untranslated: search in French search in English

“”Kreole morisien” selected as language: translated in kreole translated in kreole

Great work guys! 🙂


4 thoughts on “ offers “kreole morisien” language support

  1. thx sun and noor ally to drop by, I personally use the English version of google, hope will get some feedback from those who will use the ‘kreole’ version 🙂


  2. just discovered your blog!


    Google is the best!! They always improve to impress us! although the origin of their “creol dictionary” is still unknown.

    Rock ON!!


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