Beware of Koobface worm

This post is a reminder for those who use Facebook regularly and other social networking sites like Hi5, Twitter etc, about the dangerous worm Koobface.

Koobface is an anagram for Facebook (face and book change order, koob being the reverse of book). Koobface spreads by delivering Facebook messages to people that are friends of someone whose computer has already been infected. Most messages generated by Koobface contain some texts followed by a link, which when clicked upon directs the user to contaminated websites.

Koobface ultimately upon successful infection to a pc, tries to gather information about the user, like credit card numbers, passwords etc.

Currently only Windows OS are being affected by this worm.

Some useful info on how to  to avoid Koobface can be found on



5 thoughts on “Beware of Koobface worm

  1. It’s no wonder why social networking sites are being targeted nowadays.
    Even the DDOS attack on FB and Twitter yesterday are proof that some people just mank rol….

    [btw bro, happy rakhi…imper en retard tho 😉 ]


  2. I am amazed by the speed at which facebook viruses spread around.

    “You friend has just found out that you love him”


    Congrats! You are now infected!


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