Wayne Rooney goes past century

rooney celebrates

rooney celebrates

Wayne Rooney has scored his 100th and 101th goal today against Wigan in a match which ended 5-0 in the Red Devils favor.

Rooney was the catalyst in the second half as he scored the opener and gave United more confidence moving forward after a rather dull first half, where Fletcher and Scholes both failed to convert wonderful chances in the opening minutes of the game.

His first goal for United came in 2004 in the Champions League against Fenerbahce and his stats so far are as follows:

Year                  Goals      Appearances
2o04-2005        17            43

2005-2006       19             48

2006-2007      23             55

2007-2008      18              43

2008-2009      20             49

2009-2010      4                 4 (incl community shield)

More goals will surely be added to these 101 and hope he turns on the style as well in the coming matches to grab the “golden boots” at the end of the season, long way though to reach there 🙂

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Gameweek 3 analysis will be on Tuesday (after Liverpool-Aston Villa match on Monday night).



4 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney goes past century

  1. Hallelujah 😀 YES he will be the goal scorer this season, and with Owen and Berba adding a few as well, we can forget Christiano Whatever 😛


    • Not sure these players will make us forget the goals Ronaldo brought in, but if Rooney could manage 20, with say Berba and Owen manage 15 each it would be really nice, and add some odd goals from Nani and co


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