Man Utd win first ‘crunch’ match

rooney celebrates after scoring penalty

rooney celebrates after scoring penalty

Wayne Rooney was on top of his form yet again as he helped United see off Arsenal in a hotly disputed match at Old Trafford today, though the Gunners as well did not deserve to lose but United were more hungry for the win in the end as it finished 2-1.

The match started with only Wayne Rooney as the main striker, as Sir Alex left both Berbatov and Owen on the bench, and Giggs was given the captaincy and was the one who supported Rooney in attack. The match started with both teams playing a checking game, physical at times as the players challenged to deny any constructive attack. United created some opportunities but were not able to score, and against all odds, on 40 minutes, Arshavin, who was bundled over only some minutes ago in the box and should have been awarded a penalty, took a brilliant shot from outside the box and Ben Foster could only deflect the ball a little, but not much as Arsenal took the lead. Justice done if you are an Arsenal fan. Half-time 0-1.

The second half started brightly for the Gunners as Van Persie nearly doubled their lead but for a reflex left footed save by Foster to deny him his first league goal this season. On 56 minutes, Rooney was brought down as he ran onto a through pass and it was Almunia the culprit as he clearly tripped Rooney after the latter had taken the ball out of his way. Rooney was the one who took responsibility although Carrick was playing, and with a perfect shot he sent Almunia the wrong way, 1-1, Old Trafford was cheering once again. Arsenal got the chance to take the lead once again on 61 minutes after a foul from first Rooney then Brown (both booked as a result) gave Van Persie a chance from the resulting freekick. Fortunately for United, the ball crashed off Foster’s bar and came out, and as the action continued down the other end, United were the recipient of a freekick near the touch line. Giggs took responsibility of taking it, and Diaby, in trying to defend, converted into his own net with a header. 2-1 United took the lead, and Arsenal looked like coming back again with the same Diaby who missed the target in another dangerous action.

In the dying minutes more drama took place, as first Nani missed a sitter, then Berbatov miscued a shot as well which would have sealed the game. With 5 minutes of added time, Arsenal tried to rescue a point and nearly did with Van Persie scoring but having the goal disallowed due to an offside from Gallas who was involved in the build-up. Arsene Wenger, who was celebrating, was disappointed on seeing the linesman’s flag raised, and gave a kick in the ground, which was spotted by the 4th official, and the referee sent him off from the bench, but only for Wenger to go and stand near the United fans crowded behind him, and it had to involve the match officials to get him out of there and take him to the dressing room, may be fraternizing with the United fans πŸ˜€ No call for Owen nor Anderson nor Scholes today, even if they were present on the bench.

Carrick was rather ineffective today, while Vidic was on top along with Evra and Rooney, but still work needs to be done by the staff to get United really going as even if they won today they were really below par compared to Arsenal’s playing.



12 thoughts on “Man Utd win first ‘crunch’ match

  1. i remember arsenal gooners fan admitting they were outclass’d in 2005 fa cup final and twisted in utd wounds that they’ve won the fa cup etc.

    we return the favour last time around πŸ˜›


    • still arsenal play wonderful football at times, simple and yet mermerizing, if fabregas played am sure united would have lost, fortunately diaby (aka diabolical) helped the red devils to win πŸ˜›


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  3. Great blog you got here. Having a United blog myself, I enjoy reading other’s opinion. The performance vs Arsenal was awful except for the last 10 minutes when all Arsenal’s players were trying to attack and equalize. Carrick has been below standard this season, I don’t know what happened to the fella! I’m not sure if we have enough fire power to win the league this season, but then again its too early to say so.

    Tough match next away to Tottenham. Let’s give them their first defeat just as we gave their neighbors Arsenal.



  4. for once i don’t really agree with you….seemed like an unfair game to me….and i am totally unbiased here being that i don’t support either teams πŸ˜‰
    anyway enkor bonher la, Chelsea will have to work hard to keep the 1st position….

    btw Ritesh bro, to bizin vine 1 journaliste sport toi πŸ˜›


    • Hmmm unfair game in what manner? both teams had chances, though if Arsenal were given that penalty before they scored would still have been only one goal for them as Arshavin scored from the continuity of the action after being fouled.
      As for your Chelsea they are playing really well, good understanding between the players, but they are yet to meet a challeging team, except for the Comm. Shield which they won on penalties vs United.


      • lol “your” Chelsea….i just support the team, i don’t own it πŸ˜‰ ….and like i said: they’re going to have to work really hard now with more well-rounded teams coming up ahead…
        one thing i do have to say though: Manu is playing better and better as the season progresses….and what’s up with the Spurs? They’re killing…do you think it’s just luck?


        • Spurs trying to break into the Big 4, same as Man City, and i think its more determination rather than luck for the moment, but will have to see for how long they can keep up this rate. Spurs will face United in their next match, they will have home advantage but anything is possible…


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