EPL: Gameweek 4 analysis

Been a little late on this post, but as the saying goes better late than never, and to start with, the picture of the weekend which is going round the web like mad, and you must have guessed by now:

Arsene Wenger's Titanic pose among United fans

Arsene Wenger's "Titanic" pose among United fans

Yes you are not dreaming if you haven’t seen the match or this pic before, it is indeed Arsene Wenger standing in the stands after being sent off by the referee for kicking a bottle after a goal was disallowed for his side (report following). You must however admire his guts to do something like this, and that too on Old Trafford between the United fans, faut vraiment etre courageux Monsieur Arsene, et aussi avoir beaucoup d’humour πŸ˜€


So following Arsene’s antics at Old Trafford and with now the referees’ chief asking for an official apology after Arsene’s sending off, Arsene is hitting back at United that they play ‘anti-football’ and have a “hitman” as player although he did not name him personally but all fingers point towards Fletcher who was very physical throughout the game.

United-Arsenal, Arshavin scored the first with a wonderful shot in the first half for the Gunners, but in the second half Rooney scored from the spot followed by an own goal from Diaby (being nicknamed Diabolical after that) to give United the much needed 3 points, and Van Persie had a goal ruled out due to an offside position of Gallas in the build-up, and which fired up Monsieur Wenger πŸ˜‰ (more in my previous post).

Saturday afternoon had 7 games played, including the United-Arsenal match.

Chelsea, serious contenders for the title this year, easily saw off Burnley at their Stamford Bridge stadium. Anelka scored in the first half injury time, and in the second half, on 47th min, Ballack doubled their lead, and the finishing touch was applied by Ashley Cole in the 52nd min. Special mention to Burnley’s keeper Jensen though, had he not made save after save, it could have easily ended a 10+ scoreline for the Blue’s, but was really helpless on these 3 goals scored. Four win out of four games already, Ancelotti must be revelling in London.

Tottenham Hotspur continued their brilliant start as well by seeing off Birmingham City 2-1 at home, with all 3 goals coming in the last 20 minutes. Crouch gave Spurs the lead on 72nd min, but the equalizer came on 75th min by Bowyer forΒ  Birmingham, and eventually Lennon score the winner on 90th min to give Spurs the 3 points and their best start of the season so far, but to note as well Modric’s injury which will sideline him for a long time.

Bolton faced Liverpool in a battle which the Reds had to win after their defeat vs Villa last week, and it was a rather exciting match, which eventually ended 2-3 in Liverpool’s favor, courtesy of captain Stevie. Davies (33rd min) and Cohen (47th min) twice gave Bolton the lead, but they were each time caught up by Liverpool, Johnson (41st min), Torres (56th min) and eventually the fatal blow delivered by Gerrard (83rd min) to seal a win for the Merseysiders.

Other matches involved a draw 0-0 between Blackburn and West Ham, another draw but this time 1-1 between Wolves and Hull City, Stearman (46th min) for Wolves and Giovanni (3rd min) for Hull being the 2 scorers. Stoke City managed a win over Bruce’s Sunderland thanks to a goal from Kitson on 43rd min.

On Sunday there were 3 matches, first, Manchester City continued their fine form as well, with Adebayor scoring the only goal from a corner kick on 30th min, and although Tevez played full 90 min, he was rather unimpressive, while Robinho was left out on the bench throughout the game. Portsmouth missed a very clear opportunity through Nugent as he completely miscued his shot which would have levelled things up in the dying minutes but instead shot directly at Given while the left side of the goal was unmarked and just needed to slot the ball home.

Second match saw Everton scrap a win on their home ground facing Wigan, with Saha (62nd min) and Baines (90min pen) scoring for Everton, while the only goal from Scharner for Wigan came on 57th min.

The last match saw Aston Villa continue their run after winning against Liverpoolm and this time Fulham was on the receiving end, as Paintsil scored an own goal on 3rd min and Agbonlahor scored on 59th minute to give the Villains a 2-0 win.

Table rankings:


Gameweek 5 will be held as from 12 September, so no football this coming weekend as the squads take a rest after a rather hectic 4 games already.



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