FIFA 2010 (PC) Preview

EA Sports, the official developer for the FIFA game series, have announced that the new FIFA, FIFA 2010 or FIFA 10 as some call it, will be officially released in Europe on 2nd October. FIFA game series are very popular with all football lovers across the globe, although they now face fierce competition from Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series which have been released for PC as well for some years now, where they were known as Winning Eleven for the PlayStation and early PC releases.

As a fact I was once a die-hard FIFA games fan, with FIFA 2000 being my first football game on PC, but since the past 4 years or so I’ve been somewhat disappointed with FIFA and became a fan of PES, and currently am playing PES 2009 though I have FIFA 09 installed as well 😀

With this new release, EA Sports promises players new levels of control to experience the beautiful game like never before. So may be I’ll revert back to FIFA if they really made the game worth the wait… 😉

Although the FIFA 2007 and 2008 series were almost the same, the 2008 version was like a service pack to the 2007 one 😛 , with FIFA 09 the gameplay changed, and became more realistic. Now for the 2010 version, more new features have been added and below is the list:

1. Authentic Gameplay Experience

According to EA, FIFA 2010 is packed with more realistic systems to control long shots, avoid sliding tackles more efficiently, fight for air balls, quick throws and freekicks, and also more intelligent passes and crosses can be made, and a more realistic feel as well is given, with players’ untucked shirts and more animations.

2. Improved responsiveness and options

This involves a more responsive and fluid gameplay, authentic game speed, and improved animation and intelligent keepers.

3. Individual team styles

Another option which enables one to change the style of play of his/her team based on the opposition team, exploit their weaknesses better and give own team a better chance to win.

4. Pre-match scouting reports

This option, which was found already in many football manager games, has now found its way into FIFA 2010. This allows players to plan attacks against opposition teams, as well as learn about their key men, and the way they attack/defend during a game.

5. Improved goalkeepers

New AI engines have been used for the keepers as well, where now they react more quickly to one on one situations, improve their positioning  and have better reflexes which makes it more difficult to get past them to score.

6. Realistic Manager Mode

Another AI Engine has been included to ensure league tables are more realistic and considers the quality of a team to ensure better league rankings and cup competitions.

7. Online refinements

This section is for those who enjoy playing FIFA online. Disconnection issues and frame rates problems have been solved from the previous series, and Friends List and Chat notification have been added as well.

8. Russian League

FIFA is well known for the number of football leagues made available in most of its previous series, and in this one the Russian league has been added as well to give a truly rich experience.


However, am not sure yet since I don’t have a demo, but it seems for the PC version some features are missing, like the 360 dribbling, skilled dribbling etc, which I read about for the PS3 version, but am yet to confirm if these have been omitted for the PC version or simply not documented.

Another missing info is about the specs that the game would need to run on a PC. Overall the game looks far better than the 09 one, and only a hands-on trial can really tell how much improvement has really been made from the previous versions but alas unless I manage to get a demo, I’ll have to wait for may be till end of November when the game will be available here in MU.

Info from: EA Sports

PS. A post for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 will follow soon, stay tuned.



11 thoughts on “FIFA 2010 (PC) Preview

  1. thanks for your reply the game is not downloaded. i can not play inernational game and players like rooney aren’t in the the game either. i have a dell 30″ monitor and my graphic card is pretty sick.
    do you think the game could have a fault then? many thanks


  2. is nobody having promblems with fifa 2010 PC? it flikers and player, teams and options are missin. infact half the game is missin?


    • seems for the flickering its your monitor which needs some readjustments, else your graphic card is not fully supported by the game, needs one with at least 4 pixel shading to get a decent look while playing
      As for the missing options, did you buy the game or downloaded? if downloaded this could be a problem with the version the person uploaded


      • thanks for your reply the game is not downloaded. i can not play inernational game and players like rooney aren’t in the the game either. i have a dell 30″ monitor and my graphic card is pretty sick.
        do you think the game could have a fault then? many thanks


        • Indeed could be you got a bad copy of the game, as in my FIFA 2010 all the players are present, and can play all the modes available. Check with the shop/person from whom you bought the game


  3. Try playing FIfa 10 on the xbox 360, You’l really see which ones better: that is the Fifa 10! They really dont change it on the PS 2 and PC. they take 360 and and PS 3 seriously cuz most of them play in either 1 of those consoles!

    Btw Ritesh I started blogging again! remember me? previously I had a blog called….


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  5. Moi mo p atanne PES 2010. But I can even try this version of FIFA it seems interesting 😉
    Bon to fr moi gagne li 😛


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