Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PC) Preview

Messi: PES 2010

Messi: PES 2010

As promised earlier, here we go with a preview on another football game for PC, PES 2010, from Konami Digital Entertainment.

However, it has to be noted that this time PES has almost copied on FIFA concerning the improvements in the game and this may weight up badly for them since FIFA will be released as early as 2nd October in Europe while Konami has announced the official release for the last week of October.

Again like in FIFA 2010 (prev. post), we will find improvements on the visuals, with better lighting + players’ expressions in different conditions of play. Moreover, they also have implemented the 360 degree dribbling (though FIFA has not mentioned for PCs but surely it’s there if playing with gamepads), which enables players to control the ball in even small spaces. Also added new flicks and tricks to make the game more attractive (if playing Barcelona’s style :P).

PES also will include ‘Strategy Use’, where players can change formations during a match, add more movement to the team and so on.

Overall, PES 2010 will include most improvements added to FIFA 2010, and only a demo will enable to gauge the real difference/s between PES 2010 and FIFA 2010.

Yet again though no specs have been included to know what PCs can play this game, like the amount of RAM needed, Graphics card supported etc.


For more info on PES 2010 visit: IGN



4 thoughts on “Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PC) Preview

  1. PES all the way! I’ve loved the exceptional completeness Fifa 98… But then completely fell for International Superstar Soccer 98… and since then… it’s always been Konami, Konami and Konami… never mind the clumsy commentator, the poorer graphics compared to EA… but the unique gameplay as Pramod mentioned kept me in from the ISS’s through to the latest PES’s, from PS1 to PS2 to PC!

    Even though PES 2009 seemed to be a disappointment for most people, I’ve stuck to it. I’ve tried Fifa 09, but oh gosh, it went down the recycle bin after just one game – and just tried to forget the nearly 2 days of download with a brand new masterleague campaign 😀 … Just can’t feel the soccer simulation feeling in Fifa… It’s too arcade FOR ME at least! Get the ball, Run, Dash, Shoot, Goal! Wait a minute, is this not too eutopic?! IMHO, that can’t be a football sim…

    Well, I don’t really know how Fifa 10 will be – and maybe won’t ever know or even care to know -, but I can’t wait to get my hands on PES 2010 on PS3!!!


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