Hidden Bluetooth Service in XP and Vista

Bluetooth Communication

Taking a break from the world of football for some handy techie news 😉 , the Bluetooth service in Windows XP/Vista.

This Bluetooth service trick is an old one, but still many people are not aware that it exists in both Windows XP and Vista.

Most of us would either buy or download a software which would allow our Bluetooth Dongles or Bluetooth devices to communicate from the PC to mobile phones. However, with this trick, no longer need to scour the internet to search for a software.

This is how it runs:

1. Click on Start, then on Run.


2. Type “fquirt” without the 2 double quotes and click OK. This will open a text window as follows:


3. Clicking on Next will then allow you to either send or receive a file.

NOTE: Some Bluetooth devices however require special drivers to work properly and these drivers are either supplied along with the devices or need to be downloaded. The Windows Bluetooth service nevertheless works with nearly most of the devices available on the market.

6 thoughts on “Hidden Bluetooth Service in XP and Vista

  1. there are so many things in windows we don’t know existed ….
    Beware Mere Human coz sooner or later you’ll realise that windows is spying us ….(and they already know bout this msg)…

    P.s. Weird name huh….Fsquirt….reminds me of my youth watching P*** Movies….


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