Google Nexus One

This post is for those of you readers who are unaware of the latest mobile phone designed by Google, the Google Nexus One. It is already being termed as the ‘Iphone killer’ with the options embedded in it. Its latest selling price according to PC World is $ 180.00

Here’s a brief look at a some of its specifications:

1. Processor: 1 GHz (1000 MHz) Qualcomm

2. Display: 3.7 inches (diagonal), color

3. OS: of course Android developed by Google 😛

4. Camera: 5MP, with flash and 2x digital zoom

5. Memory: 412 MB RAM

6. Storage: 512 MB internal, SD Card supported

amongst others which I’ve not stated here.

For more info visit the official Google Nexus One site or PC World


5 thoughts on “Google Nexus One

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  2. hmm …au fait si sa portable la fer n customizable interface li kapv pu vinne n bestseller…ou meme n blockbuster…..
    mais so prix bien sure pou zouer n bon coup sur le marcher!


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