Extended taskbar when using multiple monitors

Many people may be using 2 monitors connected to one single computer either at home, or at work, but most of the time, the second monitor usually does not have any task-bar (the one where you find the Windows Start button, and other icons). However, there exists tools which can extend the task-bar on the second monitor as well, and also allow users to have 2 different wallpapers, one for each monitor (3 wallpapers if tool supports up to 3 monitors), as well as to separate the running tasks on the different monitors, whereby for example if a user is running MS Word on the first monitor, and Media Player on the second one, the first monitor’s task-bar will contain only the MS Word task icon, while the second monitor’s task-bar will contain that for Media Player. This also helps to reduce clogging of the main task-bar (usually in monitor 1) when multiple programs/tasks are running on the PC.

Three helpful tools for this purpose (there may be more of course, Google them up: search word – multiple monitors taskbar) are DisplayFusion, Ultramon and MultiMon taskbar. They can be downloaded as free versions, but for full options, they need to be bought ultimately.

More info and downloads for the three can be obtained at:

1. DisplayFusion

2. MultiMon Taskbar

3. Ultramon

NOTE: The 3 above mentioned tools are compatible with Windows OS, for other OS try to search the appropriate one by including your OS name when doing search.

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8 thoughts on “Extended taskbar when using multiple monitors

  1. My personal recommendation is Actual Multiple Monitors (http://www.actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/). It is a most powerful utility among others and it works fine under Windows 7.

    Actual Multiple Monitors adds taskbar to second display and the second taskbar has all features of main taskbar like Start button and tray area with notification icons. Even more, it has Pin to Taskbar feature of Windows 7.


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