Insomnia: Prevent Windows PC from going to sleep

NOTE: Of course some more experienced users will say that to disable sleep mode we can just configure the Power Options to do so, but this post is just to point out this handy tool available for those less experienced or less willing to play with default Windows settings, or those who just don’t have time to access + configure the Power Options. 😉

Windows’ alternative to Mac’s Caffeine, Insomnia is a free tool which when run will prevent your PC from going into sleep mode.

Usually Windows is programmed to enter sleep mode after being idle for 15 to 30 minutes (no mouse or keyboard activities detected), thus saving power, reduce heat etc, but it may also happen that sometimes we just put something to burn or download or need to perform other tasks and have to leave the computer to work by itself, thus with no mouse movements or keyboard activity, we are back to the idle situation from the computer’s point of view.

Although some burners or downloaders, including some media players do have settings not to allow to enter sleep mode while they are running, some do not, and in such cases Windows will eventually trigger sleep mode after being idle for a given time, and this is where Insomnia comes in play, since as long as its small window is open, Windows will not be able to enter Sleep mode.



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