Alex Ferguson is turning Manchester United into a joke

Forget the sir, Alex Ferguson has lost my respect with all his big mouth and no action, and it was yet again proved today against Manchester City in the derby, as United had to return home tails between their legs following a 1-0 defeat which now sees City go back on top on goal difference, but this win will prove to be a moral booster for them for the remaining 2 games, and I barely see them spoil their chances this time. Kompany scored the only goal of the match in first half added time following a corner kick, but United never really managed to get back in the game, even after bringing on Welbeck, Valencia and Young. Manchester is blue, and I think even us United fans have to accept the fact that United’s dominance is over, likewise for Ferguson’s management skills, with the bad decisions of playing Park (this man did not start a single match since January I believe!) and Giggs at the same time, while the likes of Berbatov, Chicharito, Valencia and Young were warming the bench. It does seem that United’s passion for the game is over, and players like Rooney sometimes hit on your nerves when he just goes around whining like a little puppy instead of concentrating on the game and try to technically beat the opponent… Football is a men’s game, therefore being physical and technical as well, and if you can’t play like that then just FUCK OFF!!! Fair play to city thou, always concentrated on their task and they deserve to be crowned champions following their run so far in the premier league IMHO.


2 thoughts on “Alex Ferguson is turning Manchester United into a joke

  1. It’s not totally on the manager, the players also were not good enough in the earlier matches. vs Everton, vs Wigan… these would have been enough for Manchester United to win the league… 🙂


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