Black Easter in Mauritius


First of all my deepest sympathies to those families which lost one or more members in this terrible incident, which happened yesterday, Saturday 30th March, where so far 11 people have lost their lives due to drowning in Port Louis. This is the darkest ever weekend in Mauritius, and I will not play the blame-game in this post. The whole island has been under water since Saturday, but the most affected area has been the capital, Port Louis, where flood waters destroyed almost everything which came in their path, and unfortunately, 11 people lost their lives as they got caught in underground tunnels and parkings, and the death toll could still rise as the police force, fire services and other units are still pumping out water from those areas and trying to clear blocked accesses, but the non-stop rainfall is making it a difficult task for them as well. Yesterday itself 8 victims’ corpses were found, and today during the day 3 more victims were removed from the deadly waters. A never seen sight in the capital of the island, where it rarely rained in the past, and in just 2 hours yesterday more than 150mm of rainfall was registered, and thus the sudden floods. Inhabitants of Canal Dayot have been severely affected as well as the water from the canal left the normal course and invaded their houses, and has caused material damages on a high scale. Motorists converging towards Port Louis also were trapped as the water level rose on the motorway, and had to leave their vehicles to escape, and many other road users had to be helped before eventually making a safe journey back home late in the night. The prime minister, Hon. Navin Ramgoolam, has announced earlier today a public holiday for tomorrow 1st April as a national mourning day for the victims of these deadly floods, and also to help those in need.