Mediocre United!!!


The town (and town hall) of Manchester needs to be painted sky blue, as in a match where prestige was at stake for United, they just came up with yet another well below average performance, one which looked more like a mid-table team playing instead of a forthcoming champion (if they do not bottle the remaining games that is), as Man City completely bossed the game at Old Trafford, and claimed a second consecutive derby win away from their base (who has forgotten that 1-6 humiliation???), as Aguero came on as a sub to inflict some more pain, and the Citizens claiming a 1-2 win, leaving Fergie red-faced, and reducing the deficit to 12 points, with 7 games left and 21 points to battle for.

The first half was a rather boring one, with United content to let the ball flow between the Citizens feet, but still no clear opportunities were presented to either side to score. The second half however saw City came with a more threatening approach, and Giggs became the culprit as he lost possession to Barry, the latter moving quickly forward to find Nasri, and in turn he found Milner to shoot at goal, with the help of a little deflection to creep in past De Gea on the 51st minute. This was the wake-up call that everyone was awaiting it seemed, and United pushed forward. They were eventually rewarded on the 59th minute with a lucky equalizer, as Jones headed RvP’s freekick right on Kompany’s back, and the ball bounced into the net with Hart beaten. But as usual, same story, United fell back yet again, and City punished them on the 78th minute, as Aguero took on United’s back four all by himself to conclude with a beautiful shot into the roof of the net. United players were showing their frustrations as the minutes went by and no clear chance coming to them, with even a scuffle between the 2 set of players after Silva went down injured but the ball kept in play. United in the end had to bow down in front of the reigning champions, yes even if City are now only 12 points behind, the trophy is still with them and who knows they can still produce a miraculous comeback, as United have shown they are clearly at the end of the roll, having 3 strikers starting yet failing to really trouble City says it all. RvP honestly should take a break for the next game(s), he’s not been doing much these days after a terrific start of the season, turning slowly but surely from hero to zero, and may be with the teammates relying too much on him to score, others are not being able to shine in the process.