New campaign: Kick Cannibalism Out Of Football

suarez bite

Luis Suarez was in the limelight for the good as well as wrong reasons once again last night, as the infamous Liverpool striker was back to his Ajax ways (where he bit Otman Bakkal in 2010), this time went on biting Ivanovic in the arm as the two tussled in the box. He later went on to score the equalizer for a 2-2 draw as well (the good reason for being in the limelight again).

Although later he did officially apologize on his Twitter account, it is one scene which million of fans do not want to see in a game, and which must be duly punished by the FA once they’ve had a look at the video, where I might suggest a 7-match ban or more and a big fine as well. It seems watching too many Hannibal Lecter movies has finally got the better of him 😈

After the Kick Racism Out Of Football campaign, seems another one is on the way… Kick Cannibalism Out Of Football 🙄