Black Friday in Mauritius


Disaster struck again today in Mauritius, as around 9.25 am on the motorway, at Sorèze, where a NTC (National Transport Corporation) bus carrying about 60 passengers, met with a terrible accident, where according to preliminary reports, the brakes failed as the road sloped downwards, and in an attempt to spare other motorists’ lives, the driver decided to take the junction on the Ring Road in an attempt to stop the bus afterwards. However it was a very unfortunate ending, as the bus was completely out of control, and rolled over a few times, and in the process, 10 lives were lost, including the driver, with several others injured. Corpses were already lying on the road when people around went on to try rescue the passengers, while rescue teams, policemen, firemen and others raced to the accident spot. This is however not the first time that such an accident has taken place at Sorèze, known to be a very dangerous area on the motorway when going towards Port Louis.May be time for the authorities to invest in the development of Arrestor beds in such areas to prevent future fatalities.

My prayers go to all those families bereaved by this accident… The prime minister has later announced a national mourning day tomorrow 4th May as a sign of respect to the victims.