Will Mourinho be his saviour???

Mouri_love_RooneyThe Rooney saga is going on strongly, as he wants to leave United, while on the other hand, Mourinho is openly declaring his “love” for the striker, saying he will either bring Rooney to Stamford Bridge or bust. Meanwhile the media are coming up with news that United have turned down an official bid made by Chelsea today, while some others claimed that Chelsea had a 10M bid made, with Mata or Luiz as swap options, a claim which Mourinho fervently denied in a press-conference.

To be sold or not to be sold??? That is the pertinent question which most fans are asking around the world as the saga stretches on, and only the devil knows where Rooney will be when the season starts in a few weeks. However, I personally believe United have to let him go this time, no more compromise, he’s fed up, won’t give his best for the team, and it will reflect on the results in the future. So better cash in on him, allow Chicharito some more playtime, and either sign a young player as backup, or promote one from the reserves to step in the squad.