Mauritius: Mobile phone numbers migrating to 8-digits on 1st September 2013

As from tomorrow, 1st September 2013, all mobile phone numbers in Mauritius will have been migrated from 7-digits to 8-digits, with the number 5 being added as an additional prefix to the existing mobile phone numbers in use. New mobile phone numbers which will be activated as from tomorrow will automatically have this new prefix with them. In case someone omits to perform this migration on the phone contact list, that person will no longer be able to make calls or send sms to their contacts.
So far, only mobile numbers are undergoing this change, fixed numbers, i.e. landlines, are still using 7-digit numbers.
Thus, the new format for mobile phone numbers will be like 5777-XXXX, or +230 5777-XXXX.
Apps are already available for Android-based phones on Google Play to allow a smooth migration (with some made compatible with iOS – try googling them), and some of the most popular ones are listed below (kudos of course to their respective creators):
1. Nou5
Unfortunately, it will be a tedious task for those people who do not possess a smartphone (either Android-based or iOS) yet, and who will have to manually go and update each and every contact in their phonebook
Also read more on this migration: FAQ

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  1. Thanks for the info, am an Android user thus posted the links for Android apps. I think people with other phones should use Google to try find the perfect app for their phones, unless of course its an old Nokia, like the 3310 model or similar ones 😛


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