Windows 10 Technical Preview available for download

Windows 10A couple of days earlier, Microsoft officially announced a new version of Windows to be released, and they have skipped directly from 8.1 to 10 (with some saying that the version 9 would have meant only an upgrade on the version 8/8.1, while some have stated it is more to avoid the confusion between Windows 95/98 versions). Anyway, this new version is built up with Windows 8 in mind but with some additional features, like multiple desktops, improvements in the Metro UI, the return of the Start Menu, which will also contain the live tiles,and so on.

A preview version has been made available for the public to test since yesterday, and can be downloaded from the link below, once that person has signed up for the Windows Insider Program. My personal advice would be however to install it on a VM (VirtualBox or VMware) instead of directly on any physical machine, as this is a test version, and may cause incompatibility issues with current hardware.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview

Download Windows 10 TP for Enterprise