Microsoft OneNote 2013 available as free download

2015-03-01 12_00_08-ClipboardMicrosoft OneNote is a to-do and note taking program from Microsoft which comes bundled with Microsoft Office suite. It allows users to save notes in various formats such as typed, handwritten, drawings, clips, audio, etc.

Microsoft has released a fully functional standalone version of OneNote 2013 for free to public which comes without any restriction.

Now you can enjoy the full version of OneNote 2013 on your PC without purchasing Office 2013 suite. The following are the new features of OneNote 2013 which were not available in previous restricted version:

  • Password Protection: You can add a password to protect your notes.
  • Page History: You can view older versions of a page.
  • Audio and Video Recordings.
  • Audio Search: You can search for a word in voice or video recordings.
  • Embedded Files: You can insert Office documents or other files in your notebooks.

All these and other features are available in the free standalone version of OneNote 2013.

Download page: OneNote 2013