ICC 2018: Red Devils survive marathon penalty shoot-out

The Red Devils first involvement in the ICC 2018 tournament last night saw them survive a marathon penalty shoot-out against AC Milan, as they again failed to win in normal time, with the score being poised at 1-1, which then resulted in direct penalty shoot-out, and they eventually won on a 9-8 scoreline.

Alexis Sanchez was the star man as he scored on the 12th minute, but Suso equalized three minutes later. There was no sign of Martial for this match, as he went AWOL, back to France to assist the birth of his child, and most probably leaving Manchester before the transfer market closes, but Sanchez turned on the show, with some brilliant moves, but the scoreline failed to budge in favour of the Red Devils, and instead Milan could have run away with the game in the final minutes, but Pereira made an excellent save to keep the Red Devils alive, and send the match to penalty shoot-out, won eventually by them, where he made three saves again. However, Mourinho has all the rights to be exasperated, as this team looks like a bunch of individuals playing for themselves instead of like a real team, and moreover, the latter is not having any of the players he wants from the transfer market to bolster the team further, as the board has tighten the screws on transfers for players near or above 30 years of age.


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