Farewell to a great leader and national hero

Firstly, heart-felt condolences to the Jugnauth family for the loss of such a great man.

The Sun never dies, it sets – a reference to the Sun being the symbol of his political party, MSM.

Sir Anerood Jugnauth, lovingly known as SAJ, was ex-President and ex-Prime Minister of Mauritius as well as a barrister, and he sadly passed away at the age of 91 on Thursday night. His cremation will be held today 5th June 2021 at Pamplemousses Botanical Garden at about 14.00hrs Mauritius Time.

SAJ was the architect of the modern Mauritius, with his visionary approach to the economic sector, and his fearless decision-makings, as well as relentless fight to combat all sorts of crimes in the country, which made him gain the respect and admiration of even his fiercest political rivals. Just like England had an “Iron Lady”, here in Mauritius we can say we had an “Iron Man” in the form of Sir Anerood, who always stood tall in the face of adversity, and the last “fight” he led was the Chagos Archipelago sovereignty dispute, where the International Court of Justice on 25 February 2019 deemed the United Kingdom’s separation of the Chagos Islands from the rest of Mauritius in 1965, when both were colonial territories, to be unlawful and found that the United Kingdom is obliged to end “its administration of the Chagos Islands as rapidly as possible.”

SAJ was also a die-hard fan of Manchester United FC, and an avid follower of local football as well, including the national team, Club M. His involvement made sports in Mauritius flourish under his reign.

Rest in Peace Sir Anerood, you will always be remembered… 🙏

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